Hi there, I’m Rachel!

Throughout my life, I’ve always been passionate about a few things: helping people and loving on them as much as possible, and literature, more specifically Harry Potter. I’ve also always loved traveling and felt called to something greater. It wasn’t until a year ago that I realized I could combine most of those things (minus my love of literature) into one thing. Combined with a passion for Jesus, I applied and got accepted into a program for an eleven month long mission trip. Discipleship, mission work, loving on people, hearing others stories and supporting local ministries seemed like a dream come true. I planned on doing book lists throughout my journey since I was required to blog on the one provided to me from the organisation, but it wasn’t until after I went to their training camp that I realized how integral reading is to my day. How much it recharges me and gives me the energy to be with people.

That’s how “Harry Potter: A Chapter a Day” was formed.

Inspired by a phenomenal podcast, “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text”, which examines Harry Potter as if it were a sacred text, I decided to make my own twist on it. I would follow a similar format: read a chapter under the lens of a theme and reflect on it. The plan was that I would do this on the field. That’s until a got a phone call the day after I met my second fundraising goal where I was told I wouldn’t be allowed to go on my trip. It felt like my world was shattered, and I didn’t even know who God was anymore. After two weeks of reflection, I decided that I would continue this project, in hopes to reconnect with the truth of my faith as well as figure out who I am over the same time that my old team would be out on the field.


Maybe you’re wondering where you should start. The answer is anywhere. You don’t have to be familiar with the books to read along with me (although I feel like you probably have), and I’m not planning on avoiding or intentionally spoiling either. Just know there’s a chance things might be spoiled. I will do my best to avoid Fantastic Beasts spoilers until unavoidable.

Want to know a little bit more about me? Well, I was the Chief Librarian over at the app Litsy (it’s great if you aren’t familiar with it), and I still post on there often, you can find me @steverogers. My favorite Harry Potter book is Order of the Phoenix, my favorite color is pink, and on the Enneagram I’m a 1w2 (although I wanted to be a 2 for a really long time). I read voraciously, over 125 books in 2016, and I have no idea where this literary journey is going to take me. I love singing and leading worship and consider Hillsong LA my home church. I was featured by peopleforjesusla and you can find that here . I’m taking on Harry Potter: A Chapter a Day as a challenge to myself. I start a lot of things and tend to never finish them. I’m committing for this to be an exception.


If you want to get in touch with me, you can head on over to the contact page and I will do my best to get back with you in a timely manner. I’m working on a media kit with information about myself and the project itself. You can also head over to the resources tab and find PDF’s you can print off checklists of each chapter and the theme I’ve chosen to discuss.

I would love if you took on the task yourself, whether with Harry Potter or another text that you really love. Our God is present in everything, and the best part about Him is that He can find a way to be glorified even through a secular text. There’s a reason I love these books so much, and I know that while I will find comfort in re-reading them, I will also grow deeper in my walk with Him as I find him in something I love so dearly. If you do take on the task, please let me know!

So welcome to my journey. I can’t wait to rediscover a series I loved as a kid, now as an adult, as well as grow in my faith with the Lord. Welcome aboard!